History of Hotel Satya Ashoka

Satya Ashoka derives its name from the reign of Ashoka the great one of Indian greatest emperors. The extent of Ashoka’s empire can be determined with precision from the distribution of his monuments, the contents of his inscriptions and the literary historical tradition of various kinds. Not only was Ashoka a great ruler, he was one of the most successful propagators of Buddhism in the country; Hotel Satya Ashoka is as regal as its name suggests. Hotel staya Ashoka

About Hotel Satya Ashoka, Jabalpur

Hotel Satya Ashoka is the only 4 star hotel in the whole Mahakaushal region. No, hotel symbolizes the traditional grandeur and hospitality of the Marble City of Jabalpur. Hotel Satya Ashoka is a familiar and a distinctive landmark, its pearl white walls and unique architecture sets it apart from the glass and concrete conformity of other hotels. We at Hotel Satya Ashoka live up its magnificent values and we assure you the feeling of comfort and well being.

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